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Kollter categorise this bike as the first Electric Sports Urban Motorcycle (E-SUM) and is aimed at a similar market to the SurRon in as much as it has on-road and off-road capabilities.

However unlike the SurRon where you buy either the on-road or the off-version, with Kollter, the same bike is used for both configurations. In other words, you purchase the on-road version complete with SuperMoto 17" wheels with front and rear ventilated discs, tyres etc and if you want the off-road version, you add on the off-road kit and change the wheels over, keeping both sets.

The ES1-S is a 28mph L1e license category bike (50cc equivalent) and comes with a Samsung Lithium-ion (18650 cells) 72v, 31ah battery weighing 11kg and takes about 5.5 hours to charge from flat. A second battery can be added and it can be ridden with one or two installed meaning one could be being charged while the other is being used. However the bike still only weighs just 112KG with one battery or 123KG with two.

The bike has 3.5kw continuous power and 5kw maximum and achieves a maximum range of about 35 miles with one battery or 70 miles with two.

Dimensions are 2080mm×860mm×1150mm

Static Review of ES1-S Pro (Physically Identical)

Model ES1-S
Type L1e
Voltage 72
Watts Up to 5kw
Removable Battery Yes
Maximum Speed 28mph
Charging Time 5.5 Hours each
Range 35 miles x 2
Bike Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 3 Years
Grant Applicable Yes
Brand Kollter
Condition New

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